It shifts down in the front and reduces my vision. This is a real problem on fast descents. My head size is right where M meets L. The Bell is size L. My previous lid was the Mavic Notch in size M. I went with the large this time so I could get a sweat buster in it comfortably. I've got 3 rides in w/ it. I shortened the rear "Y" strap quite a bit. I have tried different "comfort"setting (the up and down adjustment)...raising the helmet up helped some but not enough. The helmet (not the liner) rotates a bit due to the MIPS but there is little or no front to rear MIPS movement .

Any ideas on making this lid work? If I can't make it work is there anything to look for in another brand to reduce this problem.

The problem w/ my new Bell Sixer-bell-sixer.jpg