• 04-15-2016
    pressure suite (sleevless jacket). overkill for XC riding?
    I'm new to mtb, riding XC in a forest near my home. it's regarded as a fairly easy trail, here's a video of it (not my video, just random one). the guy even falls at 5.20.
    Currently, I ride only with a regular helmet & full gloves.
    will be adding the FOX Launch Pro Knee-Shin & Titan Pro Elbow Guards next week. I tried them on today at a local store, and they felt great.

    But i feel upper body protection will still be lacking, so i tried the Fox Racing Titan Sport Sleeveless Jacket (the long version was to much). I don't think people wear anything similar on the easy trail i ride, most will think I'm an idiot...but i don't care about that!

    average temperature in the summer is 86-104 Fahrenheit around here.

    question is, do i really need this kind of protection? in case of a fall, will it make any difference? the idea is to give chest/back some sort of protection instead of being exposed. what do you guys think? can you even wear this at the temperature range i mention or it will be to hot? is it useless for my type of riding?

    I'm also considering met parachute or bell super R2 for the chin protection.
  • 04-15-2016
    You don't need any protection at all, until you need it. When you need it, there's no such thing as too much. There's probably no such thing as enough. If it makes you less concerned about getting hurt, wear whatever you like. If you fall, it might help, it might not; depends on how you fall and what you hit. If I were to fall on my back and land with a rock in my spine, I'd rather have some sort of pad there than not. I've had some nasty bruises on my chest from landing on stuff that could have been lessened with a chest protector.

    Personally, I couldn't wear a pressure suit, or even knees and elbows at >100f if I was going to be climbing at all. But I'm not you.
  • 04-15-2016
    One Pivot
    If its too hot for pads, I wont wear them. Id also scale back my riding.

    That fox titan looks like it would cook you during summer. Heat stroke will ruin your ride in a hurry.

    Ive hit my back on rocks twice, both with a camelbak. Judging by the damage to the pack and the location, I think I could have been much more seriously hurt without it. Its certainly not intended to be a safety item, but I do feel better having a pack on. For hot summer xc riding, I think I have to call that good enough.
  • 04-15-2016
    Wear whatever gives you the most confidence. XC is a different monster depending where you live. Looking back I should have probably started off with knee /shin pads, but after a season of riding XC trails I was confident enough to handle most trails without eating it. Helmet and gloves for sure though. I have a Osprey back pack which provides some protection. If I'm riding more risky all mtn (really steep / slippery rocks/roots, then I add knee pads). For dh, it's full face, knee and elbow pads.

    A pressure suit won't prevent a broken wrist or collarbone. Usually broken collar bones and wrists happen when you go over the bars and try to brace yourself for the impact. My first bad crash was in my 3rd season and I shattered my wrist.
  • 04-16-2016
    Thank you all for your comments :).
    I don't find the pressure suite as a must to up my confidence while riding, it was just something I saw & tried at the store & wondered about. the feedback i got so far are mostly the same, seeing it as an overkill for my riding style, which i get. So I will keep this on hold for a while, and decide later on after i get more riding experience.

    I will buy the elbow/knee (sheen) pads though, as i feel very vulnerable without them. FOX Launch Pro Knee-Shin & Titan Pro Elbow Guards felt great, very comfortable, will give good protection from reviews i read. If I won't be able to stand the heat at all for some reason, will keep them for cooler days & just get the IXS flow for the summer. I tried them on as well, after a minute forgot they were even there!

    will check the met parachute as well.