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    Prescription sunglasses?

    What is everyone using? Currently been running a pair of RayBan's that are my all arounders but the lenses have become so scratched and fuzzy from blowing dirt and usage (Nor NV high desert riding) that they need to be replaced. However, lenses by themselves are going to be almost $400.

    Anyone got something that is decent looking frame but not super expensive. Thinking about picking up a pair of Oakley's from the Backcountry Outlet cheap but still going to be $400 for lenses.

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    I went to my optometrist, told him what I was looking for, he showed me some catalogs, I chose three frames I thought might work, and he got them in for me to try. Lens price was based on the prescription, size, features (material, coatings, tinting, etc..)

    I haven't tried these guys but others I know have and had good results:
    Do the math.

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    I bought a set of Oakley RX sunglasses and a set of Bolle RX sunglasses too. Bolle was cheaper and seem to be just as good.
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    Yeah the other one that people have recommended (at work atleast) was Zenni. But they are all unbranded, generic so I always wonder about the quality of those.

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    I have a set of Oakley Flakjackets and had the Trail Prizm lens done in digital progressive last year about this time. I have VSP Insurance and was due for lenses so my out of pocket was about $200. I had bought the non-Rx Flakjackets with Trail Prizm a couple months before so I sold those lenses on Pinkbike for around $50.

    You can not beat Oakley's precision optics. I use to argue their value but quickly learned the quality of their lenses. With that said, doing an Rx with curvature in the lens really, really sucks! I had mine redone when they first came in. The corrective focal points on curved lenses is tiny and they weren't right. I think that time was the opticians fault because I have had better fittings at the Costco optometrist than I got from this optician and my Doctor's practice. The second set was better but still, if your not looking through the small sweet spot, you'll go crazy. My Rx is a tiny (.75) far-sighted correction and the bifocal part is 2.5. The bifocal isn't so bad but I still have to adjust my head to catch the sweet spot for distance. I'm shopping for new frames and lenses tomorrow, actually since I'm due. As much as I want curved lenses, I won't go there again so it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

    As for SportRx, I almost went with them but decided against it in case of what actually happened to me. Without a face-to-face, I just can't imagine what a PITA it would be if you had a fitting issue like I did. If you're buying frames and lenses from them, like Oakleys, You will pay full pop for frame and lenses like you would if you just went to any Oakley dealer and bought shades, but they will keep your non-Rx lenses and supply you with the Rx lenses. I thought that was pretty sleezy.

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    Thanks for the information Sack! Yeah I currently run two sets of shades depending on conditions, normal is the RayBan Wayfarers (standard old school popular RayBans) and my corrective lens prescription is pretty minimal, single vision, far-sightedness (that's where you can see close up by not far away right? I always get it backwards). Other set I run is an old pair of Nike Show X2 that have the insert but the problem with those is that I sweat like a stuck pig, so when sweat gets between the lenses, only way to clean them is to pull them apart. Try doing that trailside, no bueno.....

    My current optician (LensCrafters shop) is an Oakley dealer and when I priced them last year. Would have basically been about $650 for everything out the door, prizm trail lenses, polarized (use them for fishing too) in the Holbrook I believe.

    I don't have VSP but have a HSA so depending on what is going on that year I may or maynot get new glasses. The lenses in my current RB are about 3yrs old (prescription hasn't changed enough in that time to warrant new lenses, per the DR) which is why I am looking at getting something new. I would rather grab a cheap pair of Oakleys and then spend $600 on getting both sets lenses replaced vs. just one new set.

    Anyways, I thought maybe the SportRX would be cheaper but seems like getting a used pair of Oakley's off eBay or something on the Backcountry Outlet may be a better bet and then have lenses inserted in by my optician.

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