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    POV/Helmet Cam resources master thread

    For reasons probably having to do with inability to search, laziness to search, desire to be hand-held and other sundry reasons questions about POV cameras come up again and again. This thread is a compilation of links to resources where your question has almost likely been answered and is provided as a public service.

    This list is highly GoPro and Vholdr ContourHD centric

    I'm not putting anything in about the VioSports POV because I know nothing about it

    DRAFT - work in progress

    Definitive article about the GoPro Hero by Brian Mullins

    http://www.gear.com/p/gopro-chest-mount-harness - a must have accessory

    How to make your own chest harness for the GoPro by LeeL with sample videos with a point and shoot chest mounted and home made chest mount by Anthony

    http://www.codecguide.com/download_k..._pack_full.htm - may have download this if you're having trouble reading some of the video files generated by the GoPro and Vholdr ContourHD. Free and very comprehensive

    Adapting the GoPro chest mount for a point and shoot camera ie any tripod mount by rabidchicken and LeeL's attempt

    ContourHD for biking review

    Better mounting options for the Vholdr ContourHD then the lazy way of just sticking it on your head by LeeL

    Using the VIO double hook and loop mount to make the ContourHD not shake by LeeL

    GoPro rubber doohickey (reduces noise when recording)

    Velcro straps to shake-proof the ContourHD by Pedalphile

    GoPro Hero - different mount options for the GoPro (and the GoProHD)

    Definitive article comparing the GoPro and ContourHD for snowsports

    ContourHD firmware upgrade (for the ContourHD 720)

    GoPro Hero firmware upgrade

    Software to edit GoPro HD clips

    Quick review of the GoPro HD including comparison videos vs Vholdr ContourHD 1080

    General discussion re video editing software

    What SD card to use with the GoPro HD (GoPro HD's have been hit & miss wrt compatibility with SD cards)


    Philshep mixing up angles offbike and onbike

    GR_Russia night ride

    Classic thread containing lots of videos from Whistler bike park by BobRocket - good to assess how a point and shoot mounted on the helmet and chest can handle a variety of trails

    Different mounting angles for the GoProHD by PhilShep

    Sidehelmet mounting the ContourHD using the helmet mount

    GoProHD nightride videos by Bri

    Unique GoPro HD mounts by Bri

    RAM mounts to use with a tripod adapter - (ie GoPro or ContourHD) by tscheezy

    XtremeVU aftermarket adapter for ContourHD by Brian Mullins
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    Another better mounting options for the Vholdr ContourHD then the lazy way of just sticking it on your head:


    I took delivery and had my first rides over the weekend at Austin's Lake Travis' Pace Bend and Muleshoe Bend Trail Systems. Rock Steady Mount.

    Also, one more if I may, What a Professional Cinematographer thinks of the Contour HD: http://www.tomguilmette.com/wp/my-blog/archives/2500 Search his site further for his peice on taking the contour HD to work--he actually shot footage with it of the set up of the "big cams" at an arena/stadium somewhere. Interesting, unique peice of work.
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    I have the VIO POV1.5 so, if anyone has any questions, feel free to pm me or reply in this thread.

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    I forgot to mention - please feel free to put up information or links YOU find useful in this thread. I would prefer if the thread isn't cluttered with questions to which there probably are already answers but people being people, I'm sure that will happen
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    Here's a mount I use based on a SKS X-Tra Dry Fender


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