• 04-24-2004
    Ernest Lam
    Pour in! Need you guys to help with shoes...
    I've been riding Hardtail for some time and will be riding a SC blur next month. I've been using paltform pedals and thought it's time to clipless, coz anyway I've to get used to my new bike with some easier ride, so just want to "learn" clipless in the same time.

    I've been borrowing my friends' bike and my brother's shoes to experiment on different pedals and finially choose the EggBeaters, for their weight and feel. So the next is going to shop some shoes, here's what I found worth buying in my LBS, what you guys think?

    1. Shimano SH-M180 : I liked the way it looks, and the spikes under the shoe seems to have a fine grip on the mud when I'm walking. But that buckle is kinda "hate'em and love'em" thing to me, I think I can get the shoe to be tighten better with that buckle, but also afraid it will fail sometime and I don't want it to be happening when I'm in the middle of a long ride...

    2. Shimano SH-M120 : I will take this instead of the 180 if that buckle problem bothers me after reading it here, they're nearly the same shoes, just this one's a 3 strap...

    3. SixSixOne Attack 04 : These shoe looks cool !! My brother's using a 2003 one and the 2004 just look better! My brother has no problem with it right now, but he has just been using it for 3 months and the rubber under the shoe seems to be losing quite fast, has anyone beens using it for some more time and what'u think about the durability of these??

    Thank you very very much for everyone who read this, and even more for those who reply! You'll be helping me a lot!

    Wish all of you had, having and will have more great rides!!!
  • 04-24-2004
    They're expensive, but...
    I just replaced my 8 year old Sidi's with a new pair. They were beat to death. I have a friend who refuses to buy "expensive" shoes, he has spent double what I have "saving" money. The new ones are black-much more subdued.
  • 04-24-2004
    I second the vote for Sidi's. I love my Dom4's.