Post crash... What protective gear for AM riding?-
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    Post crash... What protective gear for AM riding?

    Had my first big crash the other day with a SC Bronson. Clipped (more like locked!) a pedal on a very large immovable rock at top speed while pumping out of the saddle in the highest gear. I only had a Spec. VICE helmet and izumi short gloves on for protection.... and my camelbak, since it took a serious beating and saved some of my back. I flipped twice while holding onto the bike then one last spin to a rear head smack on a rock. The helmet took the rock for me, leaving a 1/2" deep dent and tearing loose the inner frame. It happened so fast I didn't have time to respond, like tuck and roll/etc. No serious damage, I got lucky, just a dinged knee, dinged elbow, whiplashed neck, pulled left tricep, scraped hip/back, a very sore back/body, and a slight headache. Felt as bad as when I totaled a car in a 40mph collision. Ouch!

    First off, I've decided I want a FF helmet, so ordered a 661 Comp to get me by for a while, seems cheap and decent. I do an even mix of climbing and DH, not much flat. Conditions are pretty rocky in places and I'm taking mid size jumps on every ride. Trying to decide what protection to get for a good balance of climbing and DH... I know the FF helmet is going to suck for climbing, but I'll just put it on my pack until the top. What are you guys using for this kind of riding?... or I guess what can you stand? I can't see wearing a full armor jacket, elbow and knee pads along with the FF helmet and who knows what else... what is a good balance? I'm climbing in the 2000ft range, in 55-75F weather avg.

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    One thing you have to get used to is putting the gear on the back when climbing and putting it on you descending. So start with a big volume pack that can take it all in without too much hustle of gear straps and other complicated setups.

    Knee pads are mandatory, then shin and elbow. Chest and shoulders protection is the hard one. No good solution so far.

    Must have good gloves, I have to throw a word for Giro Remedy, best glove I found.

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    if you are in sonoma, chances are that you ride in annadel state park. i ride there fairly often, and use kali elbow and knee pads. i also wear a specialized dissdent FF helmet (many consider it overkill), but i appreciate the extra protection on cobble stone trail and rough go trail at speed. i pedal up in the pads and helmet.

    caveat: the FF helmet is a lot warmer than an XC lid (heat generally doesn't bother me), so something to be prepared for.
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    A FF helmet sounds like a great idea, Croz pretty much summed it up. You can always take the pads off on the uphill if you need to, though they are awkward to haul around and laziness usually means you just leave them off.

    This is sort of secondary after a crash like that where you are worrying about living through it as it is happening. (I am glad you are okay btw, my bro spent some time in the hospital after something similar, helmet probably saved his life). I would recommend Effetto Mariposa's Shelter product. I know you can buy it from Cantitoe Road. I haven't had a crash to test it out yet, but I have a number of friends who have raved about it. There are alternatives I think, (lizard skin?), though I have heard Shelter is the best.

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