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    POC Trabec Race

    Hi All,

    I'm a high school racer who just attended the State Championships race. On the start straight I crashed into someone's back tire, landed on my head and left shoulder which lead to momentary unconsciousness, when i came back to my senses I tried to crawl back to the side of the trail where I fell unconscious again. I woke up to people crowding around me and holding my head in place as I had seizure-like muscle spasms from adrenaline and shock. I went to the emergency room and was examining my absolutely obliterated helmet. All with my head is OK but brain injuries scare me and aren't something that I want to mess around with.

    The bump on my forehead shows that I quite likely had the initial impact on the front-right side of my helmet, but a large chunk of the rear-left side fell off (see pictures below). From this I can gather that a) my helmet did its job, and b) my next helmet should have more rear protection, are those reasonable inferences?

    I've been looking at the POC Trabec Race, my LBS Owner / head coach suggested the Troy Lee A1. I really like the POC Octal, but I'm worried that it won't have very good protection and it's a little pricy. Is MIPS something I should seriously consider? Keep in mind that I'm purely looking for a helmet for XC racing, I live in SoCal where temperatures regularly go above 85 degrees and I'm a kid who would rather have a working brain all my life than win a race.

    POC Trabec Race-snapchat-4751406232947533526.jpgPOC Trabec Race-snapchat-2192295903548630984.jpg
    This is my Giro Phase helmet.

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    Hey man, glad you're ok. I'd go with the helmet that fit the best.

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    Take a look at the POC Tectal. Its not MPS but its about the best vented in the POC mountain line up. The upside is you can stick your glasses in the helmet when your climbing. I don't race anymore but I use to and it was the one habit i picked up racing that I still like to do. It seams like helmet makers all want to accommodate goggles but they don't think about glasses. I have had a bunch of different helmets but I really like the new POC I feel allot safer with it then with a road helmet.

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    Good thing you're ok! The A1 doesn't breath all that well. For my head it's the best fitting helmet ever. But, it'll be hot on days over 80 degrees. Not sure if that's worth it for you when your racing. Food for thought, at least.

    MIPS is something that we may never know 100% if it's worth the up-charge but the "science" of it show that it is. However, I don't believe there's any evidence that it'll harm you (anyone can please correct me if I'm wrong on this). So if anything, it's extra protection that most-likely will help crash victims but won't harm them. If your budget allows for it and you find a great fitting helmet with MIPS, I'd go for it. I have a feeling within a few years that every helmet will have it standard anyways.

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    I'm using a poc tectal. It's light, well vented, and feels like it covers more of my head than anything else I've tried. Only issue is it feels like it sits almost too low on my forehead.

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    I wanted to like the POC but they fit me terribly. Try on a bunch and find one with full coverage that fits well. MIPS is good- concussions, bad!

    Keep the rubber side down bro//

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    Love my Trabec Race. Best helmet I've ever owned, by far. Fit and ventilation are great, and the protection is top notch, imo.
    "The only way we can truly control the outcome of a ride is not going on it, which is a choice I'm unwilling to make." -K.B.

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    Thanks guys, all good input!

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    POC Trabec Race

    lots of good helmets with extra protection in the back giro, smith, poc, bell all have some "enduro" like helmet, like others said fit is important because it helps protecting you if fit is right!

    for me giro and smith are a perfect match while bell and poc are terrible fit for my head! love my smith forefront!

    Regarding MIPS like said we will never know but I decided to pay the extra money to have some piece of mind.

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