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    POC Index Flow gloves mini review and poor customer service

    I had wanted some light weight gloves with knuckle protection for the summer heat and the POC Index Flow seemed perfect. Online reviews were excellent on fit and quality so I splurged on a set of $55 gloves. I figured if it saved me at least once from hitting a branch and bruising my knuckles it would be worth it.

    Indeed, the fit and finish was excellent. I'd prefer that it had a velcro closure at the wrist because putting these on and off was a pain. Operating the touchscreen on my phone wasn't that great, it required me to press a little harder. With these little negatives aside, the fit, comfort, and quality is more important to me and these POC's had all the boxes checked.

    Went out for a 16mile loop and they were as good as my TLD Air gloves but with better padding and knuckle protection. I didn't think the extra padding on the palm was necessary but didn't detract from the glove in any way. The padding on the knuckles covered my pinky and ring finger knuckles perfectly and it wasn't obtrusive. It's a good looking glove to boot.

    When I got home and removed them, the gloves left a lot of black dye on my palms. I'm not a sweaty guy and none of my other gloves did that.
    I've decided to soak them in water and noticed the water started turning to a slightly dark color. I did it a few times to see if it improved and it didn't. (Good thing I didn't throw this in the wash with my jersey.) So maybe I got a bad glove so I emailed POC the next day to see if there was a trick to fix this.

    After a few email exchanges, I've sent them pictures of the color leeching and they've said that they will send a replacement which I was happy about. I cut the glove up and sent them the picture as advised and then their customer service rep said that they were out of the size and color for that glove. They had given me a list of other gloves to choose from. This kinda pissed me off, in hindsight, I should've worked through the online vendor instead for returning a defective product. POC said that they don't plan on carrying any new stock till April of 2017. I was forced to choose a glove that they had in stock. So I went with a different size which didn't fit me and I'll just give this to a friend as a gift or sell it for a loss. After a week, the gloves came in the mail. I ripped open the package with as much excitement as the first time only to be disappointed with a completely different glove. They've sent me the right size but the wrong glove, a cheaper one. I'm not sure what emotion I had at the moment. Maybe, "WTF". So I emailed the lady "Suzy" I was working with at POC and after two days have passed, nothing. No response, nothing. Ok. At this point I'll never buy a POC product again and I'll make sure my friends are advised of the poor service that they give to their customers.

    There are a lot of good products out there but sometimes what separates the good and bad is customer service. Perhaps my expectations were too high when paying premium prices for a set of biking gloves? Everything is awesome till something goes wrong. Maybe I would've had a better experience if I had a different service rep. Nevertheless, this was my first and last experience with POC.

    If you can find one where the color doesn't leech, I'm sure these gloves will work well. Not sure how you can test this at a store but a worthwhile effort if you plan on getting these for your ride. It would be great if TLD made a light weight breathable glove with some basic knuckle paddings. I don't like to give bad reviews till I've had a chance to work it out with the vendor but buyer beware and ymmv, etc, etc..

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    I've only dealt with POC once and they where very good to me. Sorry you had a bad experience but like you said I would have just returned them and purchased another glove.

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