Plastic smell/taste in new hydro bladder.-
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    Plastic smell/taste in new hydro bladder.

    Quickest way to neutralize it?

    I'm doing a 24 hour lemon water soak currently. Any other suggestions?


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    I usually live with it the first ride and it's gone by the second.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ...Mark... View Post
    Any other suggestions?
    If the taste doesn't go away soon throw that bladder away and get one that doesn't have that problem. Camelbak and Nalgene are both taste free products.

    I've had some bladders and bottles that continued to taste like crap months after I started using them.

    Personally I don't even bother with plastic containers that taste bad. There are enough options with no taste issues I just start with one of them. If someone tries to give me a free bottle/bladder that has taste issues I just hand it back.

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    You can try to use a little white vinegar and water wash to see if that removes the taste. Be sure to suck it through the hose if you are not submerging it. That's what I would try first.

    A 24 hr soak may be too much, the acidity of the lemon juice may make the rubber/plastic more brittle sooner. That's why I suggest using a more dilute solution of white vinegar and water. I also wouldn't scrub it too hard with a brush, unless it has soft bristles. It's possible to scratch the material which could allow bacteria a foothold and then you will have to replace sooner. Also, a good air dry would be in order after the wash.
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    Is this the Flopak from pricepoint?

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    Hydrapack reservoirs are also good, from my experience. I have a few Camelbak bladders, but don't use them much. Wife's not strong enough to deal with their twist closure, so I always wind up dealing with it. The Hydrapack bladders are something she can actually open/close, to they get more use.

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