Hello people,

I'm considering to order these pedals: Planet X Clingon 2.

1-.But what kind of shoes, are an option to use with these pedals? (*) It's for mainly cycle-use, on asphalt-roads. Because of the pins, i guess not all shoes are suitable for those pedals.
Btw: SPD is no option for me.

(*) I'm planning to cycle through the Belgium Ardennen (East Belgium / North-East France), this summer. And next year an area with higher mountains.

2-.And those pins: I've read that the Wellgo-pins are bigger than the Shimano PD-MX30. But is there an international standard for the pin-sizes? In other words: Are those Planet X Clingon 2-pins the same, as those which are used with the Wellgo- and Shimano PD-MX30-pedals? Because when there will be an moment, i have to replace them for new pins, can i get those new pins at the local MTB-cycleshop here?

3-.And can i also switch large pins with smaller pins, and the opposing way?

Greetz from an Windmill Kingdom; Holland,