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    Plain T vs Jersey

    I'd like to hear everyone else's take on what they wear up top.

    I'm in my second year of mountain biking, and I decided to try a bunch of jersey type shirts. Athletic T's and full on jerseys.

    I found that in warm weather they felt really hot, and in cold they felt cold. The exact opposite of what I would like.

    Yesterday did an experiment and rode with a plain cotton T. I felt cooler. I may have gotten heavier with sweat, it overall seemed more comfortable.

    I'd like to hear what the benefits of a jersey really are.

    And just to clarify. I'm a baggy short type XC rider.

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    I wear these Reebok tees that wick away moisture. They are some sort of poly blend I think but work fantastic
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    I just started riding about 2 months ago and I wear a loose dri-fit/microfiber type of t shirt. I really like em as they dry fast and don't get heavy like a plain T does.

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    I've become really fond of wool. I regularly use wool tshirts for riding and have found them to be very good for temperature control. I have also had success with some of the drifit shirts but it really depends on which one.

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    Definitely merino.

    I used to have techfibre t-shirts, but eventually they all develop perma-stink. I've washed mine with vingear and detergent boosters to get the stink out, but they start to wreak as soon as sweat touches them.

    Now I only use merino tees. They're more expensive, but you really only need 1. They do not smell, and I find them to be really comfy.

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    I'd say a lot depends on your climate, as to what feels best. If you live in a humid climate, like me, you want all the evaporative effect you can get... which isn't much most of the time. Wearing a soaking wet cotton T, is like a wet blanket in the summer, and asking for hypothermia in cooler temps. IME.

    If I lived in a dry heat area, where everything evaporates quickly, then I could see a cotton T being great in the summer. Still bad idea in the cold though.

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    What I know about natural fabrics is that
    Merino, helps transfer heat away from the body to provide a cooling effect
    Light, 100-percent cotton is breathable, which means the fabric absorbs moisture, like perspiration.
    But cotton and other natural fabrics retain the excessive moisture that doesn't evaporate from the skin.

    Synthetics wick away sweat but they have different properties and weaves. Some can be warm in warm weather, so a lighter weave is better. Cooler weather I wear a light fleece. My husband is a big fan of merino wool
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    I have had some luck this past summer with Rab's Meco 120 short and long sleeved tee shirts. They are designed as base layers but are very thin. The hybrid (merino + polyester (including carbon from coconut husks)) definitely dries faster than wool, remains odour resistant (through several days of rinse and hang overnight) and offers some degree of sun protection. Hopefully next years colours ail be a bit flashier (base layers tend to be fairly neutral)!

    So far they seem to provide the best of both worlds.

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    great info all! I've never heard of merino ... going to have to search that out. I hear you about the techfiber shirts getting stinky as soon as you sweat. My Under Armor thermals that I use for snowboarding have gotten like that. I've been riding with techfiber type shirts and they all seem to get stinky fast. Doesnt seem to matter how expensive they are. They seem to wick sweat away, but man do they feel hot when it's hot.

    I have a tighter zip up jersey and I always feel like I'm about to suffocate in it!

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