• 12-26-2017
    Pearl Izumi X-Project: Is the older model a little wider?
    Been using the X-Alp Enduro III for the last year, in a 44, for casual long rides and a bit of walking around off the bike. For those things these have been great shoes.

    However my all day rides now include a lot of hills. I find the X-Alp sole flex is giving me a bit of bother/slight hot spots.

    From what I understand, the X-Project is stiffer in the sole, but still has a little bit? of walkability.

    That X-Alp Enduro III model for me has a great toe box fit. I've read a comment or two that the older (which year?) X-Project had a slightly wider toe box than the current. Can anyone confirm that?

    Would the older X-Project width be closest to the X-Alp Enduro?
  • 12-31-2017
    I cant compare the two shoes, however I can say that I bought a pair of the X-project when they first came out and could not wear them b/c they were too narrow. I have a wideish foot but really like a wide shoe that lets my feet spread out. I normally ride Shimano wide shoes and they are just wide enough, but I would like them to be wider. I am in the market for new shoes now and will be looking at Lake 237W, from what I hear their wide shoe is 15mm wider.
  • 12-31-2017
    I have a pair of the top of the line x-projects from 2015 and I would say they are pretty narrow. I have narrow feet so no ok for me but definitely not as wide some other shoes. I have been happy with the shoes. They are stiff enough but easy to walk in even in rocky rooty technical areas.
  • 01-11-2018
    Run narrow in toe box
    Normally I wear Sidi Eagle 42 and fit well.

    I bought a 42.5 on X-Project 2.0 and firrst time they seemd fine.
    Last evening I put on cycling socks and they seem narrow in the toe are. Lentgh wise they feel the same as Sidi 42.
    I am considering returning them, but I will try run wear them in the house for a few evenings.

    The 42.5 insole measure exactly 26.5 cm.
    The Sidi 42 insole measure 26cm (0.5cm smaller) but the shoe fits the same in terms of length.
    I will check toninght, but sidi construction allows the upper to overflow the sole both in toe and heel area, since they feel larger than insole.
    Pearl Izumi uppers finish exactly where the insole finishes in toe area.

    I would like to order 43 but it is too much hassle with the returns in another country.
    Has anyone got a 43 to measure the insole length?
  • 01-13-2018
    Thanks everyone.

    Doesn't sound good. Don't really want to drop $180 on a pair unseen to find they're too narrow in the toe box.

    I've also been eyeing the new Lake MX... Endurance shoe. Cost heaps more, but there's a shop in town which may be able to get a pair in to try. Looks more suitable to warmer temps only though.