• 07-04-2011
    Petti the Yeti
    Paintball gear viable as light riding protection?
    Couldn't find a thread on this already, so I don't know if it has been asked, but how suitable would paintball gear be for protection outside of DH riding?

    The reason I ask, is I already have plenty of paintball gear, and rather than spend a few hundred bucks on gear I won't fully use, I could just use this stuff on more technical XC/AM rides. At least, that is my reasoning.

    Anyone tried this before? How's it work out?

    EDIT: To be more clear, these are what I'm talking about:

    Elbow pads:

    Knee/shin pads:

    Bounce shirt:

  • 07-04-2011
    I have used my old Empire Ground Pounder elbow pads and my JT Skinz shin guards when i go riding. They worked fine for while. When i started riding more aggressively I eventually switched to a pair Fox Launch shin guards for the hard plastic outer shell. I still use my Ground Pounders but i will eventually switch those out too for something with more of a hard shell protection too.
  • 07-04-2011
    That stuff will likely help, but I wouldn't risk tearing it up.

    Basically if you don't crash hard enough to tear that stuff up then you won't need the padding anyway.

    A crash involving sharp rocks or what not will basically ignore those soft pads..so either way they might end up not giving you much benefit.

    In anything other than DH/FR I feel like pads are unnecessary anyway.
  • 07-04-2011
    You actually wore all that playing paintball?!!:lol:
  • 07-04-2011
    One Pivot
    a little padding beats no padding. Go for it. You'll know if its comfy enough to ride in after a mile!
  • 07-04-2011
    Petti the Yeti

    Originally Posted by iSlowpoke View Post
    You actually wore all that playing paintball?!!:lol:

    Nah, normally just the elbow and short version of the knee pads. Bounce shirt came in handy for my occasional snake playing though. My corner always liked to get shot out, and I ended up getting bunkered almost every time. :madman:

    But at least it's not as crazy of an idea as I first thought. I might dig those pads out for my next ride off the beaten path and see what happens..
  • 07-05-2011
    I used my Dye knee pads for a long time and they worked great. I'd imagine they wouldn't protect in rocks as well.
  • 07-05-2011
    I wear my eclipse elbow pads while riding. I haven't tried wearing my dye knee pads, but they're also 10+ years old so they're not as elastic as they once were. They slide around too much while playing so I stopped wearing them. Thankfully, I don't need them any more with the eclipse pants and the knee protection they provide :D

    The elbow pads have stopped me from getting cut/scrapped, but I wouldn't expect them to stop much else.

    Agreed on the back player getting shot out. Don't they know they're supposed to stay alive so us front guys can get all the glory? :lol:
  • 07-05-2011
    DYE elbow pads are comparable to the soft elbow pads from 661 and the like. The PB knee and shin pads are too bulky and poorly vented. PB chest protectors have foam that are either too bulky or too flimsy IMO.

    "You actually wore all that playing paintball?!!" - You may have not experienced being bonus balled at point blank by a ramped e-marker. It's just like trail riding. We can't appreciate being padded until a nasty crash.
  • 07-05-2011
    used my empire shin/knee pads just yesterday for riding.
    its helps but branches and such catches. I got a rip in the back mesh =(

    for light riding and xc they should work fine. If you are more aggressive i would invest in the hard plastic protection