padded gloves recommendations-
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    padded gloves recommendations

    I have crashed a couple times and last night hurt pretty bad... my left wrist took 90% of the impact... it was inevitable... i endoed at a really low speed trying to wheelie over a rock and not noticing the rock that followed... my front tired got stuck on that rock and i went over the bars really slow and the weight of my bike fell on my back (i think this is the reason why i had so much speed falling

    anyways... the bone on my palm took all the impact... are there gloves that have thick padding to avoid this from happening?

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    I just bought some Fox dirtpaws at the local motocross store for $20 if your looking for full finger. They have been great the first few times out, seem really good for the price. Good palm protection, breathe good.

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    I wear Alpinestar motocross gloves. They are not padded in the palm, but have leather bits for protection.

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    Wear forearm/elbow pads and learn to use those to take the brunt of a fall. Or learn how to roll. Not much you can do about the palm from what I've seen. For the record, from what I've heard, crashing with the palms out is how most people break the collarbone, etc. as well (when not bending elbows to cushion the impact on the rest of the skeleton).

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    I sprained both my wrists earlier this year. Also, at this age, I certainly don't heal as well as I did in my misspent youth. Since then, I've been wearing wrist braces on every ride, even gentle XC terrain. I've taken a few hits to my hand/wrist with the braces on and they definitely reduce the amount of shock transmitted to the wrist joint.

    EVS Sports - Products

    They're pretty comfortable and I swear I get less arm pump on the long downhills. In general I like gloves with no padding, but I'd love to find some that have a bit of padding at the base of the thumb (but no padding in the palm area) just for crash protection.

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