• 04-15-2014
    outer layer recommendations please
    Hi everyone.

    I had a bad wreck on Saturday morning, and broke some ribs, separated shoulder, etc.

    Today I splurged on some pads: I got the POC Spine VTD tee, the shorts with the big slabs of padding on the side, the elbow and forearm pads, and the knee and upper shin guards (all from POC 2.0 or whatever they're called).

    Now up until now I had always just ridden with some shorts and an old golf shirt or something, but all that padding will definitely not fit underneath.

    Can anyone recommend some outerwear to go over all that padding stuff? like a baggy jersey, and some baggy, mid-calf length shorts/pants something like that??

    I don't want to look like a dork with all the pads and everything showing, and I definitely also don't want to look flashy or "wannabe professional" because my riding skills and courage is not really that well developed yet.

    So maybe something not too colorful or brand-namey that screams "I'm a bad-a$$!" (because I'm really not; I just don't want to get hurt while I am practicing jumps and going fast on narrow trails and stuff.)

  • 04-18-2014
    Damn, bro, bad juju on the hospital time. Good move armoring up. Notably, though, you'd still have gotten those injuries with all your new pads on. Sometimes there's no winning the battle with gravity...I've leaned it, too.

    I was surprised by a local thrift store's selection of stuff that worked well for skateboarding, working, thrashing. I made a haul and had beer money leftover. Or you can shell out for new up-sized garments. Clearance racks are the bomb...buy the ugly stuff nobody wants. You don't see it while riding, so who gives a F? For that matter, why care if your pads are visible? People have a problem with what you look like riding? That's their problem, not yours. Crank on...
  • 04-19-2014
    thx for the kids words. and yeah, I have a love hate relationship with gravity...

    nah I don't really care what people think, but at the same time I want to look low key, since I am not a flashy type of person.

    I'm looking online for some 3/4 length jerseys and shorts that will cover up most of the padding. fox looks like they offer some in like light grey or white(ish). but dang, they are expensive. I'll have to keep my eyes out for sales...