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    OT - Review - BG Comp Shoes

    Well, after putting it off for several monthes, I finally went ahead and bought some new cycling shoes. I was still wearing the same Performance Forte shoes I bought when I worked there about 3 and a half years ago. I always thought they were ok, but now, man, those things sucked! I'll give it to them, though. They did last me a good while, and are now starting to fall apart.

    They just weren't that comfortable in the beginning though!
    For one, the sizing never felt very 'spot on,' but, hell, I gotta good deal when I bought em, so, what the hell.
    Two, they always made my socks turn blue! I don't know if it was the ink from the leather, or what, but my socks ALWAYS turned blue.
    Three, the heel cracked not too long after I bought them, and since I have a narrow heal, that didn't make a comfortable match. Plus I think it ruined my Crank Bros socks, from all the damn hike-a-bike I do...

    Four, my toes would always go numb while wearing the shoes. I don't think they were too tight, I just think they just sucked.

    So enough about my old shoes, lets hear about my new ones! I bought the BG Comp shoes (retail at 120), with the ratchet and everything. I liked the 06 color better, but they were gone. So I went with the silver, black, and gold. The red and black were too red, so I liked the discreetness and mostly black of the first pair. Here's some shots...

    I threw them on today and took them for my first ride. They worked great! Very comfortable, and incredibly stiff. I never thought my old shoes were soft until now. I could actually feel my toes, and I climbed more than ever today (maybe it is the BG insoles, or maybe its the extra saddle time....who knows?!) Like I said before, I have a very narrow heal, so it's hard to find shoes that fit comfortably. While pushing up the bike after dismounting a tech. climb (yes, I pushed. But so do you!) my heal didn't really slip at all. And the shoes gripped really damn nice to the dirt (old ones didn't). Btw, I did install the cleats for the toe the shoes came with. Overall, the shoe is very comfortable, and I am very happy with my choice! They work great, fit well, and look pretty damn good too! I'll post this in the shoe review topic, too. Just some insight in case some of you are looking for some new kicks!

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    I love my BG Comp Shoes. The only thing I didn't like was the difficulty of the sliding buckle. After a few good rides they loosened up, but one night I couldn't get the damn shoe off

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