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    Osprey verve 9 vs raptor 10

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide between a verve 9 or raptor 10.

    I usually run an Evoc CC 6ltr which has a 2ltr bladder. Works great for 2 hour rides or so.
    Though in a couple of weeks in heading on a mtb holiday and suspect there will be some 5hr rides happening plus more temperamental weather so will want to carry a small rain jacket.

    I've tried packing all this into my Evoc and can just squeeze it in. Doesn't leave much room for food though and still only 2lt water which concerns me.

    I used to have a raptor 10 years ago but always found it too big for what I needed so sold it. Regretting that now!
    I also remember the back being really firm and not confirming much and the waist straps way too long. But it did fit a heap of gear and 3ltr water. Was thinking best with the devil you know and should just get this again. Plus this was awhile ago and not sure how accurate my memory is of it.

    But then saw online the viper9. Looks bit smaller, lighter etc. Back panel not as stiff possibly. Some reviews say it's 2.5ltr bladder others say 3 so confused there. Does look like it'd still fit what I need figuring I can pretty much get it into a 6ltr Evoc.

    Any recommendations on which way to go? Anyone owned both and can give me an idea of differences?

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    Be sweet to see u put at least the mild effort of details or links into this thread asking for opinions or experience.

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    Added some more detail into original post.

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    if you already have a 6lts bag, doesn't make much sense to get a 10lts pack, not really a reason for this pack to be the smallest possible for your ride, get the raptor 14 and you will have two packs covering a wider range of needs

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    I was choosing between Raptor 10L and 14L, and went for 14L because it can store a little bit more and there's no significant difference on my back and shoulders. For shorter rides I I usually take Evoc Hip Pack Race with 1.5L bladder. Recently I got Camelback K.U.D.U 18L and I like it a lot, even more than my awesome Raptor 14.

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    My raptor works, but it uses dinky straps without any padding/support, the hose ALWAYS falls into the dirt because of the design where it has to be long enough to stretch across your chest. The magnet thing seems nice, until you realize any time you set it down the mouth piece goes on the ground. The built-in rain-cover is kind of nice, but that's also enough space taken up that I could have a packable rain-jacket instead. On the plus, supposedly osprey warranties these for life. As far as space, it's adequate for medium rides for me. Longer stuff requires some more space for stuff like clothes and food. The Raptor 10 with 100oz water, pump, basic tools, wallet, phone and keys leaves little space. Enough for a few energy bars and maybe a packable layer, but that's about it.
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