• 01-31-2016
    Opinions on what is the best cold weather cycling jacket.
    Sort of getting my wish list of cycling apparel figured out for next winter. I just got an ICT OPS and I know I have work to do in the garment area.

    I cycle in Iowa and it gets very gold on occasion. What are some of the best options for outer layer.

    Since I am sort of dreaming at this point money is not necessarily a consideration.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • 01-31-2016
    If money is not in consideration, something with Assos written on it. And for your inner layer. And for your bibshorts/bibtights, and for your feet, and for your head, and, well, you get the idea. :)
  • 02-01-2016
    I cycle in Iowa too and this has been a mild winter. Foxwear is a really nice option, works well and is quite reasonable too, even in the really cold!
  • 02-01-2016
    My wish list is breathable with armpit zippers, long sleeved to go to the gloves/bar mits, multi-layer that I can easily remove a layer, and moisture wicking base layer.

    20-30F range, I use a basic long sleeve jersey or t-shirt with arm covers and a light windbreaker. Once I start pedaling, no worry about being cold
    10-20F range, I used a polypropylene long-sleeve shirt and the same light windbreaker. At this temperature, it was more about keeping my hands warm.

    I haven't been out for a ride in less than that in Kansas City yet this year. Only been a couple days less than 10 so far.
  • 02-04-2016
    I use a northface softshell ive had for about a decade. Its light with pit zips and also very warm. Most days i only wear a tshirt and bib with the jacket and stay plenty warm. Its also windproof and water resistant (not proof).
  • 02-04-2016
    +1 for using a Northface softshell. Mine doesn't have armpit zips though, unfortunately. I usually carry a fleece in my pack in case I get cold, but I haven't had to use it yet. Once you start moving, it doesn't take long to warm up!
  • 02-05-2016
    I'm happy enough with my Sugoi RSE 260 softshell. It's windproof and will shrug off a good bit of water. It can get too hot on climbs unless it's a good bit below freezing but the type of layer that fits under it leaves my core a little cold if I unzip it.

    As often, I wear a powerstretch pro fleece hoody which works really well. Mine is a Salomon but there are a half dozen brands that are essentially the same. They breathe really well and let in enough wind to prevent you from overheating. I usually throw a windshirt over it to start and peel it off after the first big climb. It strikes a nice balance between insulation and breathability.

    Both have a cut and stretch that works really well on the bike.