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    Ooh That Smell

    AZ noob here. A few months of sweating like a pig has my backpack and gloves a bit funky. I wash my gloves in the sink weekly but the pads on the Camelback Lobo, in particular, a sponge just isn't doing it.

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    I machine wash and air dry. The smell still seems to come back quicker than from when new.

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    I wash our camelbaks (Lobo, MULE, Hydrobak, Evoc etc ) in the washing machine, gentle cycle, warm/cold or cold/cold rinse (Throw a cup of white vinegar in with the detergent to really fight the odor).

    Remove the bladder, buckle all the buckles to keep straps from getting messed up.

    Hang to dry, never put in dryer and never use fabric softener

    I haven't had any problems all these years and these packs are old

    The quick and dirty method is to spray it down with a hose in the driveway
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    I wash my Hawgs in warm water and woolite in the sink. You want to squish the padding in the shoulders and back good to work soapy water into them and again when you rinse. I air dry mine in the garage. Between washings, if you turn the straps around and expose the back to sunlite for an hour or so, it seems to keep the funk down (UV be killin' the bacteria). I use the sunlite trick to dry out my shoes (pull the tongue forward).

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    "The quick and dirty method is to spray it down with a hose in the driveway "

    If the smell keeps up, it'll need this just to get close. Ha!

    Thanks all. I'll give the washing machine/air dry a trick. I've been letting the pack Sun dry after a ride but it sounds like it also needs agitation during the wash.

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    One part distilled white vinegar to four parts hot water and 1/4 cup of baking soda.

    I mix this up in a bucket, dunk my smelly Camelbak, shin guards and elbow pads for a couple minutes and air dry. The vinegar smell will go away when everything dries and so will the STANK!

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    I use wetsuit cleaner. I have used this one: McNett Mirazyme Enzyme-Based Odor Eliminator
    designed for wetsuits and if you dive you know those get awful stinky. I think it is probably okay for my pads and backpack since It does not hurt the wetsuit materials.

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    Skip woo lite and use baby shampoo - same thing but cheaper if you are a hand wash person. For laundry, cyclelicious's plan is the good one. Mirazyme is good too....but you can also soak Ina Biz/Oxycleqn mixture over night.

    The important things are-
    No dryer. Heat will kill your stuff
    No harsh deterrent: Tide and similar will partially strip the urethane coating on pack fabric.
    No agitators. Agitators are great for tearing straps out. Use a front loader or put the pack inside a pillowcase.

    Caveat, I work with technical clothing professionally.


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    I just throw my pads and empty packs into the washer [agitator cuz that's what I have] and then dryer on low with dryer sheets.

    I probably do the pads once per month and the packs once every 3 months.

    Works fine. My stuff doesn't wear out fast or get damaged by this process.

    My main packs are 5yrs and 14yrs old. My pads last ~2yrs before they are torn enough I replace them.
    Safe riding,


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    Another vote for the White Vinegar!
    I add it to the detergent tray (as well as to the softener tray) when doing laundry.
    Also have a spray bottle with 50/50 Vinegar/Water mix that I use to spray my camelback, helmet and pads when I get home.
    I Hate when the trail trips my bike! :skep:

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    The twist with the white vinegar is to use hot water.

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    If the smell gets to the point where it's "hockey gear" bad consider finding a shop that does O3 treatment to gear (eg. the "Fresh Gear" machine). Half an hour to an hour of O3 and it'll remove all that smell. Not sure where you could go (the only people I know who do it are hockey players) for it but I suspect if you're in Pheonix (where the Coyotes play) or anywhere in AZ with a large hockey following (like Yuma with all the Canadian snowbirds who go down) there might be some shops that do O3 treatment.

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    +1 to white vinegar and hot water

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    +1 on the OxyClean, the hydrogen peroxide keeps the funk down. Its pretty strong stuff, you don't need much.

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    I rarely clean my pack but it never smells, I guess I'm lucky. I do let it sit outside after a ride and use my hose and soap to quickly wash it, which is only once every 3-4 months. I also don't stuff sweaty gloves or clothes inside the pack.
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