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    Oakley RX Sunglasses - Limited options

    Not sure how many of the folks on this forum would get them, but Oakley made their prescription sun glass lens selection a lot smaller, and they will not retro-fit your older Oakley frames at all.

    For more than 20 years, I have been a big Oakley fan - their frames fit my face like no other. As my eyesight got worse - it was no problem to send my frames to Oakley and have them fill the prescription - it was pricey (no insurance accepted), but the lenses selection was great and lens quality was always top notch. Recently thought this has changed. Oakley will no longer fill a prescription for 2014 Racing Jackets, even though they still sell them on their site. In fact, I think they will only do RX for 2 or 3 sports frame models at this time.

    I did some research online and the reasons for this appear to be related to Luxottica being Oakley's owner as well as closure of the California lens facility and moving lens production to Georgia.

    My optician was told that the reason for the new policy was to avoid breaking frames when the new RX lenses are put into old frames, but that is simply not true when it comes to frames like the Racing Jackets, or any interchangeable lens frames, even metal frames wouldn't be affected by this sort of replacement.

    My take on this is that Luxottica is trying to push as many new sunglasses as possible and they couldn't care less about customer loyalty, now that they own 80% of the market. For fellow Oakley sung lass junkeys Walleva and FuseRX are the options for RX lens makers that will work on Oakley frames. I'm waiting for FuseRX to fill my Racing Jacket prescription at this time - we shall see what's what soon.

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    That sucks, ive been die hard Oakley and did the first rx M frames. Luckily the newest Flak 2.0 fit me even better than my previous glasses, but im not happy with the direction luxotica is going with oakley. Ive abandoned the snow goggles and switched to Smith this past season. The Flak demo in store was marked made in usa, but the frame that was delivered to me had no markings at all so have to assume made overseas now. And to me the lenses pop out way too easy now, ive accidentally popped them loose just wiping them clean.

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