Northwave Mission shoe

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  • 08-20-2011
    Northwave Mission shoe
    Im thinkg about buying a pair of northwave mission shoes. Here.

    Northwave Mission Shoes '11 at

    This will be my first pair of clipped shoes. I was wondering if the soles would be stiff enough for egg beaters. I have pretty strong legs and dont always shift when I should and I tend to break chains and other stuff hammering uphill. I dont want to feel the pedal through the shoe. I though about going with more of a xc type shoe with a stiffer sole and I tried everything my lbs had and the giro gauge's felt great but I dont really want to pay $200 incase I dont like being clipped in and I want something I could wear if I had to walk the couple miles home from the trails if the bike breaks beyond a quick repair. (This has happened twice)