• 05-21-2007
    Nike shoes in this months Decline Magazine
    I'm shopping for new shoes, anyone catch the name of the Nike riding shoes towards the back of this months Decline magazine?
  • 05-22-2007
    its probably the nike 6.0 line.
    heres a link:

    go to products at the bottom...then look at top right for "see all products"...its sorta difficult
  • 05-22-2007
    Nike Oncore 6.0 are really nice!
  • 05-22-2007
    The look just like old skool vans... w/o the waffle sole, which is key.
  • 05-22-2007
    I still dont think you can get better than the Vans classic waffle bottom hi-top
  • 05-22-2007
    I've got the Encore 6.0's and love them. They have the zoom air front and rear which makes for the most comfortable skate shoe I have ever worn. Also, the tread in the middle of the front part of the sole is slick (which is great because most flat pedals have no pins in the middle of the pedal) and all around this slick area is a waffle tread that resembles old school vans(which is great because the pins on the outer edge of the pedal digs to increase traction)
    Also, they have a rubber toe cap to increase durability AND keep moisture out. It will be hard to go back to Etnies after wearing these.