nice XC helmet with no stupid sticky felt pads??-
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    nice XC helmet with no stupid sticky felt pads??

    Ok, so on my helmet... i think its a Giro... the stupid pads fell off and I got glue in my hair...

    does it go without mentioning that this pisses me off?

    since it is hot here I anticipate this could happen more often in the future.... as my helmet sits in my oven of a car causing the cheesy glue to melt and then dry in my hair

    does anyone know of a good helmet that does not need any stupid glue on felt pads??

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    I do not know of any helmet that uses felt pads, glued on or not.
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    If you are keeping your helmet in an area hot enough to melt glue you are melting the foam body of the helmet that's supposed to be protecting your head. Even if you can't see the damage you are ruining the helmet and the loose padding is just visual evidence.

    Toss the helmet, get a new one, and don't store it in your hot car anymore.

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