Newer Shimano shoes, durability and tread life?-
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    Newer Shimano shoes, durability and tread life?

    After many years riding/racing Specialized carbon soled mtb shoes it's time for new ones. Interested in the Shimano XC7. Fit is great just like the Speci, and the price is much much lower. Can find new XC7 for $119 delivered whereas the Specialized option is $200.

    Having said that, the $119 XC7 is on major sale yet the shoe is brand new. My pessimistic mind thinks "wow, blowout to get rid of a faulty product."

    How is Shimano's durability especially in the tread?

    I alternated two pairs of Speci shoes due to road and mtb training. The method seems to have worked; rare shoes last through 5000+ mile years especially several of them. At $80 less per pair I'd be saving big money going XC7, but was wondering about longevity thanks.

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    I just ordered a pair of XC7s. I've had the same thoughts on price vs msrp for newly released shoes but if they seem shoddy I'll use the free returns. I expect fit will be a little more voluminous than some of the italian brands, but word is they are more adjustable with the boa???

    I've been riding Bontragers for a few years, but my second pair are separating at the sole (first set replaced under warranty for the same problem).

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    I had a pair of Shimano XC-61s and the tread was just falling off after a few rides. I warrantied them and sold the new pair immediately. I have a pair of Shimano M-200s that have been excellent though. The bottoms of the XC-61 is like a hard plastic tread bounded on instead of a rubber tread.
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    I just received my XC7s today. Due to holiday plans I won't get to ride them until next week, but initial impressions are:

    - Really cool looking in a 'roadie/racer' sort of way...which works for me. Mine are red, so I went for gaudy.

    - Light! Almost as light as my carbon road shoes.

    - Boa is pretty sweet.

    - Not as stiff as my full-carbon Bontragers, but that was also my goal. These appear to be injection molded 'carbon-reinforced plastic' rather than a true carbon layup. A full-carbon sole is terrible for hike-a-bikes, so I hope these hit the right balance of stiff and hikeable.

    - The tread system seems similar to that of my wife's more entry level shimano mtb shoes. It seems to be molded over the hard soles, and hers have been very durable. She had some rubber coating peel away under the arch where there are no lugs, but the lugs have been solid. I hope these are, too.

    - Fit is a little more voluminous than my Nike or Bontragers, but I also have narrow/low-volume feet. The boa seems to provide plenty of adjustment and my heel feels secure while walking around in them. They have 'cat-tongue' material in the heel to prevent heel lift as well.

    - They didn't come with toe spikes, and don't have the higher-end adjustable insoles. I don't really care about the spikes, but adjustable arches might've been nice. I guess that's part of the cost cutting.

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