Newb knee/shin guard question-
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    Newb knee/shin guard question

    Looking at getting some knee and shin guards. I like the style of the 661 rYthmn guards. I just ride cross country but with my mx background im used to hanging on with my knees and keep hitting them on the frame. Just looking for something light to add a small amount of protection and still be comfortable

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    I have G-Form knee and elbow pads. I got them for there slimness. In store i put both them and the 661s on and banged on them. the G-Form did a better job of dissipating the impact. I wear them pretty much every ride, except long climbs in summer heat. Very comfy.
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    Are you wanting shin protection specifically, or just 'knee and shin' guards? Lots of guards will cover a fair portion of the upper shin, but not marketed as shin guards.

    I looked at rhythmns but wasn't sure about their durability and crash survival. I've sure they'd do what you are asking for 'bang' protection, but they look kinda like they'd tear in a good fall on sharp things.
    I too looked at G-Forms, but wasn't in a position to shell out that kind of scratch for knee pads. If you're ok with the price, they're very popular and would do you well.

    Also check out the Alpinestar Paragon pads. I got mine for $39 on Amazon. I am quite happy with them. they breathe, they're covered in Cordura, and they were inexpensive. I also think they protect very well. I crash-tested them on their second ride and walked away with literally have zero damage, to either me or the pads. Every trail here in AZ is a chunky-rocky mess, so it was a good test I think.
    I do think the sizing is a little off- the chart says I'm a solid medium, and while they didn't move while I jumped around and ran in place in my living room, they just didn't feel secure. I like the smalls much better.

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    I had looked at the astars too. After closer look on the 661's seems like there not the best choice. Also don't want to have to shell out the cash for the g-forms

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