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    new shoes... question!

    hi all,

    i am CLUELESS when it comes to my bike/gear/etc. i mtn biked regularly over 10 years ago, but fell out of it and just rode my mtn bike on the road (ewww, what the heck was i thinking?!) for many years. anywho, i just got back off-road (yee-ha!) in april and i'm still on my 10-year-old bike... with my almost equally old shoes! long story short, when i rode regularly back in the day, i unfortunately relied on my brother/boyfriend to do maintenance, pick out gear, etc. i went out and bought new shoes yesterday, and now i'm staring at them and wondering how i get them cleated... my old cleats are worn down to the point that i can't get them off. i called performance bike (where i bought the new shoes) and the woman there didn't sound too self-assured, but she said the new cleats should have been in the box. well, no cleats in the box. i have old ritchey pedals.

    seriously, i am this stupid about this! lol. should the cleats have come with the shoes? i need some input b/c i am attempting to learn some of this shi* on my own w/o turning to my guy friends for once!

    also, my super old shoes are shimanos and i love them dearly. but they are literally falling apart. the new shoes i got are "forte" from performance and i think they are ugly and possibly not as durable as my shimanos, so i might wind up spending more and getting shimanos again. any input on shoes from anyone?

    thank you for any help! sorry for the super-long post!


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    Cleats come with pedals. You will need a new set of cleats or you will have to get the old ones off of your shoes. If they are so worn that you can't get them off, you probably need a new set anyway. It may not be easy to find cleats for pedals that old, which will mean new pedals.
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    Hooray! for starting to ride again.

    Yes, the cleats come with the pedals, NOT the shoes.

    Take your pedals, or a picture of the pedals, or your old shoes with the old cleats, to the shop to make sure you get the correct new cleats.

    If you take the bike and all with you to the shop you can have the shop install the new cleats on your shoes, then you can try them in your pedals on your bike before leaving the shop. That way you can be sure it all works so you don't end up out on the trail with a bad set up.

    You can do a search here for shoe advise, it has been covered many MANY times. OR save some time and just buy Sidi's, I think the fortes are a sidi knockoff.
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    If you are thinking of really getting into and staying into mtn biking, I'd have to recommend the Sidis although the Shimanos can be great if they fit. I tried on the Forte from performance a few months ago (the mtn bike version with a buckle), and they just didn't have the sweet fit of my Sidis.
    I love my Sidis & am tied into them because they are the only brand that really fits my skinny feet. Good thing they last FOREVER -- er, almost forever, because my feet have gotten about a half size large and my current 6 or 7 year old pair is how a tiny bit small. Not worn out, yet, though. Husband has Shimanos that also cranked along for a very long time. Don't know anything about the durability of the Performance knock offs.

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    thank you!

    thank you all for your feedback! i really appreciate the help.

    btw, this site is awesome!


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