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    New gloves

    Im looking for some new gloves, and and have no idea what is good, every time i get new gloves they always seem to get holes in the fingertips,. What is a glove that will hold up to a beating that has quite good grip?

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    I've got the Fox Dirtpaws, they were the cheaest ones I could get , and they don't get too hot. Maybe you'd want something more protective if you DH, but they work for me.

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    ... and if we just ... Oakley MTB Factory Pilot Gloves...

    i had fox sidewinder gloves and i got holes in em as everyone does...its only a matter of time untill it happens...and i guess a better glove on delays it...i had my sidewinders for 2 years before they became holie...

    im currently running some Troy Lee gloves and there sick...there a bit better than the top of the line fox gloves i had and havent shown any signs of wear so far...there the most comfortable gloves i have ever worn...and dont cost that much either...

    id suggest the new sidewinders...or the new fox (i can remember the name) but the ones with the wrist current Troy Lee gloves...or some oakley factory pilot gloves...thed have to be the best gloves i have ever tried on...they have carbon fibre knucle protectors and the enitre glove is literally made form kevlar which is supposed to never rip or tear...these are the same money as my Troy Lees...and seem like the best glove for abuse...

    heres a pic of these bad boys...
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    I've had bad luck with the Fox Gloves. I get the holes really fast in them.
    I've had good luck with the Higher end Azonics (haven't tried their lower end gloves)
    I also had a pair of LBZ gloves that lasted really well.

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    I used to have a pair of fox dirtpaws that were great, except for the fact that they smelled worse than death- however, I never managed to put a hole in them. and i took plenty of hands-first diggers in them, so i am pretty impressed with them. Unfortunately, i could no longer stand the smell (it stayed on my hands days after i rode) so i bought a pair of 661 nasties, and they have also been great. I'm pretty sure the dirtpaws were more durable though

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    aight when i was at work i saw this...

    i work at canadian tire, and we sell bodyarmor for motorcyclists, and we sell a pair of gloves with carbonfibre knuckles and thumb protector for 50 bucks canadian!!!!! thast insane!!!

    i know we carry them at Sheppard an leslie in toronto, but dont know about anywhereelse...

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    RaceFace DH gloves... I have them for a wile and I was no able to brake it yet..

    Also I realy like the 661Decend...Amazing gloves too.
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    The RF gloves are pretty comfy, but the grips on the fingers wear fast...wore off in a race for me. I might try the Oakleys after these rip....I wanted those in the first place

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    i have fox dirtpaws. they are okay. i've had them for a year or two. they have small holes though. i also went paintballing in them so they smelled bad because it smells at the paintball place. those oakleys look real nice though.

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