So i have Race Face Rally FR guards (leg + elbow). always thought they are bomb proof. size is OK, streps are tight, no sliding off during ride or small falls.

Got my first big crash few days ago. Was going too fast on section with sliding rocks (got carried away ) and somehow my front wheel sliped away so i ended up rolling over big rocks

anyways, when i stopped i saw that skin on my knee is ripped off (needed to stich that up) and it hurts...somehow top straps became loose after first impact and on 2-3-4th hit i got jammed.

knee is not broken as doctor said - but i already had to spend 5 days resting in Morzine

so the QUESTION is: are there any protection that won't fell off after nasty fall?

p.s. don't use trail tires (hans dampf) in big mountains with DH-like speeds