Need a "wind shell"-
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    Need a "wind shell"

    I haven't been able to find a softshell type jacket that isn't stiff or has much of a solid wind barrier. And its cold here now and only going to get worse. Talking sub zero after the sun goes down next week.

    My current layering I have no issues in the woods down to about 20F. Open ground (pavement and such) is another story, wind gets through especially on my arms and thighs. 2 places there isn't really a dead air space for my body heat to compensate for.

    My legs for fat biking I have snowboard pants for when it's snowy and cold. I have some softshell pants that are good down into the 30s (20s if on the trails where there is no ambient wind).

    But I want something light that will breathe WELL in all areas except those that are facing into the wind. Don't want to wear big, bulky stuff when I can avoid it.

    Is there a good softshell that is actually windproof in the front (arms and chest, pants would be front of legs)????

    Or what are other good options so I don't overheat (by using something like a wind breaker which ive made the mistake of) but keep the cold ass wind out?

    Also options have to be available in 2XL (not XXL, actually not the same thing, XXL is wide enough but too short in anything I wear, 2XL is required so I have room for layers and long enough)

    And I am not in need of cycling specific. I've found for myself that cycling specific is lacking in one area or another for what I've looked at. Don't want to spend a ridiculous amount, I know there has to be good options under a couple hundred dollars.

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    Suggest checking out the Bontrager winter softshell stuff. As far as cycling specific, that's one of the few that will be windproof in the front while being highly permeable in other areas to let out sweat. Cycling is somewhat unique in that wind almost always comes from the front due to the riding speed, and good ventilation is necessary due to the level of constant effort.

    Here's the Bontrager stuff: Bontrager Winter Ride System | Trek Bikes
    Do the math.

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