• 04-04-2004
    need new versatile (for multisport) shoes!!
    I have several pairs of mountain bike shoes. They are the ultra stiff race type shoes, Dominators and specialized comps. I love them, but they are terrrible to hike in. I am an adventure racer and need to get off and hike a lot to get to checkpoints and some sections are not rideable. I need an offroad shoe that is good on the bike and off. I know you can't have the best of both worlds, but maybe a shoe that does both o.k. Thanks for your help.
    Tim Mccrohon
  • 04-04-2004
    Tim, check out the Specialized Rockhopper shoes. http://www.specialized.com/SBCEqProd...80&spid=6985&=
  • 04-04-2004
    What about these Scott's??