Need a helmet light-
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    Need a helmet light

    Hey fellow night riders,

    I am currently running a Nite Rider TriNewt on the handlebars and it is terrific. However, some of the new trails I'm riding at night have sharp corners and I've almost fallen a few times from obstacles being out of the range of the TriNewt. Some of the options I've considered are: (1) Get another TriNewt for the helmet (may be too bulky or heavy) - anyone use this? Also, it may be too much light (two TriNewts?). (2) Get a MiNewt for the helmet (Does anyone have this one on a helmet? Is it enough light?). (3) Get two MiNewts and put them on the handlebars facing outwards (on either sides of the TriNewt), just out of the range of the TriNewt (this may be cool, anyone try this? (4) Get another TriNewt and put them both on the bars pointed slightly out, hopefully the overlapping light in the middle would be enough to see what is directly in front of me. (5) get a light from another company. What do you think of these suggestions? Anyone trying any of these combinations?

    I'm a big fan of LED's.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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    This could be another option. How well it would work depends on your helmet.
    I ran mine with the battery on the back of the helmet most of the time, and that was fine actually. I also tried it with an extension cord from a trinewt, mounting the battery on the shoulder strap of my pack. This did make the helmet a bit lighter, but the setup was already light to begin with. Works well for me, but I'm hoping to finish my DIY light soon... not sure which will go on me helmet and which on the bars. I did borrow a TriNewt once or twice, but I usually just rode with only the Minewt X2 Dual on the helmet.. pretty good light output!

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    The exposure JOYSTICK MAXX is a great light with no wires and good helmet mount.

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    If you get a MiNewt for the helmet, make sure it is the X2, since it is twice as bright as the original (you did not specify which one in your post.)

    I think you would be happiest with helmet light to compliment the TriNewt, rather than having several lights on the bars. With a helmet light, it points wherever you want to see.
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