• 09-03-2013
    Need good wide mountain biking shoe
    I am in need of a good mountain biking shoe. I don't need a cleat mount and would like something that works well without a cleat. I use external toe clips. I have wide feet but bike shoes only come in one width. I need a more rigid shoe than the tennis shoes I have been using. I have posterior tibial tondonitus and not having a rigid shoes is causing problems with that tendon. It would be good to have some ankle support as well. One of the tests for this tendon problem is to try to stand on the ball of the affected foot. If it hurts like hell to do this it is a good posibility you have this tendon problem. Well riding a bike is just like standing on the ball of your foot all the time. I am trying to loose weight but biking has been worse than hiking with this tendon problem.

  • 09-03-2013
    I have a wide foot and use Five 10 Sam Hill's for platform pedals. I think they are a bit wider in the toe box than some of the other 5.10 models. They were a little snug at first but after the padding packed in a bit they're great. I should point out that while these are stiffer than a general shoe or apparently their Freerider line, they're not as stiff as a typical rigid sole SPD compatible shoe. You may want to check out something like the Maltese Falcon.
  • 09-05-2013
    I use Five Ten Impacts, there are nice and roomy for my wide feet.