In need of a BIG Helmet

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  • 08-20-2013
    In need of a BIG Helmet
    I'm currently running a Kali XXL. Fits my head but while wearing it it squeezes along my cheeks / jawline causing discomfort after a while. I've ran the Giro Remedy and that one is even worse. Are there any GOOD fullface Helmets that allow more space in that area or have interchangeable pads in different sizes?
  • 08-21-2013
    Used to wear a Fox FF Rampage. Good spacing around the cheeks and mouth. XL is the largest they go though
  • 08-26-2013
    XXL are hard to find as I have a 8 - 8 1/8 or 64-65cm head. I was in the same boat TACO and went with a moto helmet. Moto offers a lot of choices and size options, I did check out the sizing on the Bell Full 9, they come in XXL and I thnk they will fit but at 400$ I can use my moto helmet for a while longer.

    Moto helmets can weigh a bit more than MTN bike specific helmets, but not bad and certainly if you need an xxl you are likely not a small guy, I could be wrong though but the extra weight might not affect you if you are.

    Good luck.
  • 08-26-2013
    I'm in the same situation as you TACORICAN, I will be purchasing a Specialized Max helmet tomorrow to see how that works. In years past didn't have the problem with hats fitting, not until I started growing my dreads. I now use the Giro Venti that doesn't quite fit, plus starting to fall apart. I will give an update once I get helmet in hand...or on head.
  • 09-08-2013
    The Bell Super runs way oversize, I could measure it for you if you like. I normally wear a XL helmet but the Super XL on its tightest setting still is loose. for me.