Neck Brace Sizing

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  • 02-05-2015
    Neck Brace Sizing
    Looking at purchasing a used neck brace. I have looked all around and have yet to find a definite answer -

    Do the spacers cover all ranges, or are there spaces for each size of neck brace?

    I read a review saying the biggest spacer can add up to 1cm to the size, which seems tiny to me and doesn't seem like it would cover the size difference I would need. Or, is the brace 1 size and the spacers cover the entire span of sizes? I have seen the sizing chart, I am just wondering if braces have sizes w/ spacers for fine tuning, or if the spacers make the brace a different size (and they are universal)?
  • 02-06-2015
    If you don't get any luck later today, post this question in DH / Freeride.