Mud and water into eyes from the bottom. My Smiths or a better solution?-
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    Mud and water into eyes from the bottom. My Smiths or a better solution?

    Never really gave eyewear a second thought. Currently wear Smith Optics Photo #11 - Ballistic Eyewear - Photo Gallery - that were given to me.

    On this weekend's ride with many creek crossings and muddy sections I got a lot of mud flicked from the wheels into my eyes. Totally bypassed the lens.

    Would a different style of coverage help with the mud and muck being flicked up or will this happen with any eyeglass shape and size? Again, sorry for the elementary question, but I've been a wear-them-and-forget-about-them eyeglass guy, but after this weekend's ride I truly need to find a solution with the wetter weather riding coming up.

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    Try something with a frame around the entire lens. I've had success with Smith's Riverside and Native's Bomber models. Though, fit is dependent on your face shape.

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    sorry for the late response but just came accross this. if you have not already gotten another pair of glasses then here is my advice.

    Head into a bunch of stores that carry a lot of brands and try them on. This isn't really product "advice" but it's the best option. Being a prescription eyeglass wearer, I can tell you that even different styles from the same brand will fit differently. Everyone's heads are shaped differently and havinf ears that are higher/lower on your head compared to where the bridge on youor nose is located will effect the fit.

    If you find a pair that fit well and give you the comfort and coverage you want, you can always bring them into an eyeglass store and have them fitted to you even better as they can heat up the plastic and mold them to your head.

    Another tip, if you look at glasses made specifically for fishing you will have a much better chance with the frames fitting very close to your face at the bottom. Long story about all the reasons why but in short, light entering the bottom distorts vision and is a bad thing when trying to spot fish in the water. Same holds tru for glasses made for winter sports.

    Hope this helps.

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    Also consider a lightweight guard. Like the mucky nutz fender bender. Rather unobtrusive, very light and stops a hell of a lot of that rubbish from getting to you.

    Mucky Nutz

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