• 01-08-2007
    MTB and Ski Helmet Comparison
    So, I need to get myself a new helmet, my old Boeri never fit right and I gave it to a friend that it actually fit.

    I want to know what the fit of some brands are. In mountain biking most everyone thinks of Giro as for people with "Round" heads and Bell for people with "Oval" heads. I'm definitely in the oval head category.

    So far I know that Boeri is for round heads, let me know what you other Oval-Heads are wearing on the slopes.
  • 01-08-2007
    Fat Elvis
    Well, I'm more oval, but I do have a large head. I definitely prefer Bell mtb helmets to Giro. That said, I have a Giro ski helmet. It's very comfortable (works good for winter biking, too). It's the only helmet I've ever tried that I would even consider using. All of the other helmets I've ever tried on were way too small for me and incredibly uncomfortable. I'd rather eat a tree than wear any other kind.
  • 01-08-2007
    I am assuming you are not talking FF helmets for either and since you are talking oval heads I have nothing to contribute...

    OK, I will say that after going through many helmets, Giro is the best top lid type for me. Seems like they make them more adjustable today than in the past (padding, straps, etc...)