• 03-18-2016
    MTB shoes with Vibram soles - compare Giro Terraduro with Giro Code/Sica VR70
    Hey all. I want a shoe with vibram sole for better durability and traction when walking. My old shoes (Giro Gauge) the soles wore out in less than 1 and I've noticed that lots of the Giro shoes are now using Vibram sole. I've tried the Giro Terraduro and I like the sole, but wouldn't mind something a little lighter and more race oriented for XC racing. Does anybody have any experience with the Giro Code/Sica VR70? Less substantial sole but with Vibram nonetheless. Any thoughts? I'm aware of the prior Terraduro de-lamination issues and that doesn't worry me at this point.
  • 03-19-2016
    Both of those look like good shoes, was not aware that Giro has HV shoes for those of us with wide feet. Definitely worth consideration.
  • 03-19-2016
    More of a boot but check out
    Shimano MT91 Gore-Tex MTB SPD Shoe