Hello guys! I can't find an apparel and accessories thread so I guess this is where it goes. So I'm slowly getting back into "biking" and I'm slowly building up some necessities before I hit the off-road. I was going to get a pair of MTB shoes I found in sportchalet.com. I didn't wanna go expensive so I saw there Shimano's regularly at $75 and on sale for $55. However, when I read the description, it was in the 600g and wasn't sure how heave they were until I actually went in the the store and held it. So it kind of turned me off since I'm used to wearing light and comfy shoes. Currently, I'm using my running shoes that is getting dirtier and dirtier every time I go biking... IN THE STREETS!!! So I really need to get me some MTB shoes to preserve my running shoes and basically just use them for running. I found these Izumi's - Select MTB - for $75 and it's in the high 300g... half of what the Shimano's were. And it is also lighter if compared to the other Shimano at the the same price point. Anybody have these shoes? If so, what is your take on it? Need to know if they are comfy and light enough for MTB.

Thanks a million for any pros and cons.