mtb shoe styles- confusion-
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    mtb shoe styles- confusion

    I see a lot of XC shoes with "SPD slots" that range from what appears to be light hikers on the outside to sleek, knobby slim boots on the other end of the spectrum. what is the intended use for these different kinds of shoes?

    I ride a SS rigid bike in central Texas where it is dry most of the time and there is lots of loose gravel and large rocks. I feel like my old racer-type Specialized shoes slide around a lot on this kind of stuff when I have to walk, which happens a lot on some trails. so a hiker type seems attractive for walking comfort and traction. however, I fear that because these shoes have more flexible soles, they might suck power and I will end up with sore feet after a long ride.

    so I am looking for a XC shoe that fits the following:
    1. secure grip when walking and carrying my bike up loose stuff that I can't ride without slipping on smooth rocks.
    2. breathable. it's HOT in Texas.
    3. drainable. I have to cross shallow creeks sometimes and I don't want to end up with swampy feet. or is that unavoidable?
    4. stiff enough to provide ample power transfer that I need while riding a single-speed bike.
    5. Non-leather uppers! (most shoes these days are not leather, actually.)
    6. Laces, velcro, or ratchet straps? Does it matter?

    suggestions? Not looking for specific shoes, just a general style. I can get a good deal on Giro stuff.
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    I wish Five.Ten would make a shoe that fits my criteria! all of Five.Ten's SPD-compatible shoes, to my knowledge, are leather. i don't want to start an argument about vegetarianism or something, but i prefer not to wear leather.
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    I was looking for the same type of shoe and the best fit that I could find was the Specialized Rimes. You're going to have to compromise some stiffness for good shoe to walk in. In the end I decided I spend more time pedaling then walking and went with the stiffer carbon Specialized Pro shoe.

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    Most mid-level XC shoes have rubber knobby soles that are decent for walking over rocks. Racer XC shoes have carbon soles and rely on toe spikes for traction on mud/dirt.

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    Re; laces, etc. I prefer a shoe with NO buckles. I have broken two buckles on my old speshy BG comp shoes while HAB'ing in rocky Arizona terrain. My current Lake MX165's have laces and 3 Velcro straps. I found the laces redundant with these shoes so I run them with only the Velcro straps.

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    Does Giro make something like what I am looking for? I can get a good deal on Giro stuff.

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    I love the Diadora X-Country 2 shoes. Although it is the older version, Diadora is famous for football/soccer cleats and they brought the best from there.

    It is firm on the side to give you strong support. It is light too and I think the newer version will have carbon top.

    Used to cycle in Austin and walk through streams. It does take in water but it does drain out. The well laid out studs does help with traction too.

    5 things I like about the Diadora X2
    1) Look and easy on the eyes with the carbon fiber look
    2) Comfortable wearing it after 2 hours of cycling. On the foot's soul and support. It is lighter than other shoes too.
    3) Soul design & comfort - easy to climb hills or when hiking with the bike, but I have also worn the shoes at the office for the whole day
    4) Durable, I have it for over 1.5 year and still wearing it
    5) ratchet straps - ability to use the ratchet on the top and straps at the bottom

    I don't think it is sold on Amazon, but here is a link to the Diadora section

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