Looking for advice on my first downhill neck brace. There aren't really any shops near me that have braces to try on, so I've resorted to online shopping. I ordered a Leatt GPX 4.5 in a small/medium because when I measured I was right in the middle of this size. However when I received it and tried it on, it was painful and obviously too small, even after adjusting to the largest size.

I've realized I do not have a completely flat chest for the brace to rest on which created the pain. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, its like the top of my sternum pushes out a little where it meets my top rib, about an inch below my collarbone in the center.

Ive tried on the next size up, and it feels much better, actually sits on my shoulders and no pain. However, I'm a bit concerned about it being a little too big.

Anybody else have issues with neck braces not sitting flat on your chest? Any advice on braces with a little softer padding? Any other thoughts?