• 03-11-2009
    Mounts for Full Face Helmet
    i have the GoPro helmet hero wide. and the sticky mounts.

    im wondering if i should put them on the side of the helmet. or on the top? any suggestions?

    or would an angle from the handle bars be better?

    i dont want to put tons of mounts on the helmet because i plan on using the helmet for dirt bike riding also
  • 03-22-2009
    I've only put mine on top so far, and they've produced some pretty cool videos. Another suggestion, wear the camera when you're dirtbiking too! I've shot some of my coolest videos on the dirtbikes.
  • 03-23-2009
    I put it wherever it gets an unobstructed view. Currently on the side, but I have to remove the visor to keep it out of frame.