• 10-03-2008
    Most simple (to build) P7 Helmet light
    This is easy! DX reflector as an housing, kaidomain 2.8 A 3 mode driver, two small heatsinks, some heat conducting glue and quick epoxy. Helmet mount is made of aluminium plate and 3M Dual Lock velcro. Thats all you need. Can be driven with AA eneloops. 10 minutes / eneloop at full power.

    Some pictures about the light with white wall beamshot comparisons to Lupine Wilma.


    Beam pattern is a bit narrow for general use, but it is ideal for fast trail riding if you have decent wide beam (+500lm) bar light. No outdoor pictures coming because lamp found another owner before had a chance to take one... Still it is not only good. It's exellent!

    Beam pattern can be nicely adjusted, with hammer, to be more suitable for slower driving or running purposes, but it will be another story...

    Now I have also found out that no reason to over engineer housings if only the light output is considered. Light and ugly is better on helmet than heavy and shiny. Who can see it anyhow? :-)