• 06-12-2008
    Limar Helmets on the Cheap...
    I occasionally see a thread here about where to get good helmets, and not breaking th bank on the latest greatest.

    I have used solely Limar helmets the last 4 years, and am impressed considering i have worn virtually all brands of helmets the last 20 yrs.


    anyway damn good price already on many of their models- even the 910, at REI.com closeouts, plus 20% off thru the 12th (today, eh).
  • 06-13-2008
    Limar f-111
    I have a F-111 that I got a couple of years ago. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The retention system sucks! Broke very shortly after I got the thing. I was able to gerry-rig a Giro retention system into it. The main selling point for me was the number of vents. Very small vents and a very HOT helmet. Nice in colder weather, but sucks BIG TIME in the heat. Giro's are my helmet of choice! Limar's retention system just seems very cheap to me. If you want to spend your money wisely, tryout the Giro Animas or the Pneumo, can't go wrong with either one of those! The Pneumo actually saved my life once! Seriously! My Limar looks good, but it just hangs on a hook collecting dust. Laterz!:madmax:
  • 06-13-2008
    funny, i have had a couple Giro retention straps break on me, hopefully they have both been put out to pasture.

    the Limars i've experienced of late have very good ventilation, and the twist knob retentions have not given up (nice to reach back and tighten up super fast, on or off bike)

    to each their own head and bucket.