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    Lightweight Armor

    So I'm craving an armor upgrade for this season. I currently have the Race Face DH arm, leg, and chest bits and it's good stuff; but I'm a bit tired of feeling like a gladiator and also sweating my ba*ls off during hot California summers. Been checking out the 661 Evo stuff. Anyone have experience crashing with this? I've read about the technology blah blah and in theory it seems OK; just curious if there's any real world feedback. POC seems like they have some nice pieces as well; albeit a bit pricey. But no shin protection on the lightweight stuff. And I wish there was lightweight (i.e. Evo/d3o) chest/spine protection. I think I'll just ditch the chest/spine protection this season; I don't get too crazy and it's just uncomfortable to wear. Would much prefer just to throw on a t shirt and call it a day. Of course that's when I'll probably fall and rip apart my mid section.

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    I've got a few minor crashes in on the 661 Evo xc lite kneepads and think they work well. I'd like to see a forearm/elbow model since my forearms usually take the brunt of my falls.

    Also just received a McDavid Hexpad shirt, interesting stuff

    661's new core saver vest looks nice also.

    TLD Lopes knee shins are still my favorites.

    Still lots of room for improvement for lightweight protection, hoping to see the manufacturers realize the potential market and get on it.

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    Knee wise I rocked the 661 Strait pads for quite a while, but wanted a little more hard shell protection and switched to the Fox Launch shorty pads when they were released and have been very pleased with them. I've taken a number of diggers with them and so far I've come out on top, and the hardshell has been able to take some pretty strong impacts and gouges that would have otherwise found my shins and knees. Chest wise I am in the same boat, but I've been looking at some products from Alpinestars and I think that would be another company to consider.

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    I just wear the Strait's for most riding and add some 2x4's for my elbows when shuttling (if I remember to pack them )
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    +2 on the kyle's. Love them except when I smack my shins with my pedals...ouch. As for upper body protection, I've been rocking a 661 core saver for 2 years now. I've wore it so much that I'm rusting the spine protector rivets right off. The new model looks sick and will fit good with my new (haven't bought yet) leatt brace. But I've worn the C.S. on xc rides, dh, all mountian, even snowboarding (hit a tree once and wife makes me wear it). Good light weight protection

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