Light pants cover-
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    Light pants cover

    I commute on a trail, if it's raining I have waterproof pants and shoes covers that are not that easy to remove and to put on.
    However if it rained hours ago and the trail is still a little wet I would like to have a very simple cover to avoid getting my work pants dirty with splashes.
    Is there something like this? I'm thinking something very very light, highly transpiration fiber, not waterproof just splash-resistant and most importantly that has straps on the side so that I can remove it in seconds. Again its usefulness is to protect me from dirt that flies not from rain, cold or wind.

    Is there something like this?
    I found something very cheap on aliexpress however it can't be removed with straps.

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    Are you using fenders?

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    Pants with zippers all the way down the side are quick and easy to put on and take off. I've had good luck with North Face and the Marmot Precip. Here is another option:

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    I've commuted by bike every day for 31 years. Every single day.
    Could you leave a few changes of work clothes at your work?

    I started doing this after about a year of bike commuting, and it gradually increased to the point where all of my work clothes are at work and I just periodically do my laundry during lunch. I don't even buy new work clothes at a store anymore, I just order them online and have them shipped to my work

    Not sure if this helps, but at the very least, you can probably keep one pair of pants, a pair of socks, and a pair of shoes at work?
    Is this where I write something witty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Rider View Post
    Yeah, what Train Wreck said. Trails are ruined because e-bikes are there.

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    Sorry for the delay, yes I do have fenders. i'm talking about the splashes and dirt that inevitably reach the pants from the sides or pedals.

    Yes I can leave clothes at work but what about then I go to friends or elsewhere? I need something that can be removed and put in my bag.

    I was thinking of something cheaper that NF Probably no one makes what I'm looking for?

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