• 07-05-2004
    Light body armor? (661 related)
    Looking for a light, breathable chest and spinal cord protection. I was looking at 661 Straight Jacket and Race Jacket and that stuff looks pretty good. Any other ideas or comments from actual users? Don't think I want to spend too much $.

    Thank you!
  • 07-05-2004
    my mates is currently using troy lee design armor and he seems to like it as most people do seems as its troy lee design...but the sixsixone gear is just as good and for price wise and comfort there probably the best...

    and who came up with puttin tonys a post whore at the bottem of ur signature coz a couple of ppl have it...
  • 07-08-2004
    i have a 661 pressure suit that i just got and it breathes pretty well. it feels hot and clunky when you are just standing there, but when you go it's not too hot at all.