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    LED v Halogen helmet light options

    Hi everyone.
    I have just purchased a set of electron ehp330 ( 15 & 10w ) halogen lights for night riding on my trek 4500 in local woods and trails.
    However I accept that having a helmet light is essential .
    Now I feel that my helmet light should be good all round and be useful for setting up and repairs and seeing around corners. So I'd rather not have to worry about run time. Is anyone using a Cateye Opticube el500 as a helmet light with halogen hbars lights. I know it has a narrow beam but are there any similar lights that are better but at similar budget.
    Apologies for long post but I have trawled the net and all forums for a definitive opinion on this to no avail. I looked at the Petzl Tikka plus and worry that it dosen't have the strength of light to work while cycling.
    The only opinions I get on LED lights are from a commuting with street lights perspective as opposed to night on the trails.
    Any advice here would be greatly appreciated


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    Im looking at the HID lights, based on reviews found on this web site. The Jet-Lites brand is my choice, although they are alot more then the cateye mentioned in your post. Check the reviews for lots of usefull info.

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    There must be LED's that are bright enough but wont break the bank

    Sean the HID lights are amazing but unfortunately way out of my budget especially for my helmet light. I was wanting something that was just bright enough but where run time was hardly an issue. I felt a suitable LED would be ideal.


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    I've been riding a nighttime loop from my house that's a mix of road and very easy trails using three Luxeon LED flashlights, two 1-watt flashlights on the bars and one 3-watt on my helmet. All run on rechargeable AA batteries (2 each for the 1-watt lights, 3 for the 3-watt). Everything mounts with a single Twofish Lockblock kit (rubber & velcro things designed to mount a u-lock to your bike, but which work great for attaching flashlights to bars and helmet).

    The whole shebang cost me about $60, but I already had the two 1-watt lights and some AA rechargeables. The 3-watt light is a Gerber LX3, which you can get on ebay for about $35, or at REI for $50 (minus whatever coupon or special they're running).

    For me, the 1-watt lights are mainly for the road part, and to lend a little definition to the trail--they're really overpowered by the 3-watt light on the helmet, which works a treat for easy trail riding. If I were going to do more difficult trail riding, I would consider swapping out the 1-watt lights for a couple more 3-watt ones.

    I wish I could quote runtimes, but my standard ride is just under two hours, and that's not long enough to use up any of the three lights. If I ever get around to doing a longer night ride I'll carry some spare AAs and try to note how long it takes to run down a set.

    Anyway, I can pretty comfortably recommend the LX3 flashlight and Twofish Lockblock combination for an inexpensive helmet light that you can also use for other things than biking.

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    I just got a Nite Hawk Digital Emitter for my helmet. 5hr runtime on full power and something like 20 days on 10% . I am running a 10w halogen on the bars. This seems to work pretty good and keeps the weight down.

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    Some thoughts

    First, while LEDs have come a long way, I don't believe they can yet throw off enough light to be an effective helmet light for trail riding. If there's one out there that competes with halogen or HID, it's gonna be $$$. In reading your post, my impression is that you intend to use the helmet light in an almost secondary capacity to the bar light. If this is the case, you mat want to reconsider. IMHO, the helmet light needs to be better than or at least equal to the light on your bars. You are going to need a great deal of illumination to effectively see what's on the line in front of you, and the only effective way to do that is with your helmet light. The bar lights are stationary, and throw a beam where the bike is pointed. Your line may not be there, so your helmet light needs to throw plenty of light up ahead, around corners, etc.

    Best wishes in finding the right helmet light.

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    I have Cygolite (Cygolight?) halogen for my helmet. About $60 on ebay. a two light system, one 6W and one 10W I think. Great exposure for the price. The battery is about half the size of a water bottle and lasts several hours on the minimum setting.

    Plenty of light for trail riding and a good addition to a bar mount. (although I don't even use a bar mount with these)

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    Like others, I would not suggest LED for night riding on the trails. They're great for commuting, but to get enough light on the trails, you'd need multiple 3W LEDs to get enough usable light. I have a cheap homebrew bar light made out of PVC pipe fittings, an RC car battery, and the same bulb you find in the 6 cell mag lites. It's nothing special, but it throws a nice, wide flood that gives me some shadows to work with for depth perception.

    On my head, I use a Black Diamond SpaceShot xenon halogen light with a rechargeable NiMH pack. It'll run over 4 hours with the brightest available bulb (longer if I choose a less bright bulb), and it has a couple LED bulbs in case I need to do repairs or dig around in my pack. The battery pack will fit in my camelbak or in a jersey pocket to keep it warm in the wintertime, too. Oh, and it even has a backup power supply for the LED bulbs, so if you are SOL and your NiMH pack dies, you at least have a little light to hike out by. The main xenon halogen bulb (superbright bulb) will throw a spot beam 140 meters, as well, which is more than enough for where I ride.

    The Petzl Myobelt 5 is similar, and so is the Princeton Tec equivalent (can't remember what it's called). I like the BD because of the backup power supply and the option to use a rechargeable pack (or regular AA's). They will all run you quite a bit less than $100.

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    ask the bike store

    or email the mfr to see if there is an adapter made for the helmet. End of problem if they do, but even if not, see if one can be fashioned from parts at the local hardware store. It might be a simple as using a Velcro strap from a camping store thru a bottom slot if there is one on the lamp. You will also need a second battery and power line for it though.

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