• 06-15-2014
    Leatt EXT vs iXS Cleaver knee/shin guards
    Hey all! It may be a long shot but does anyone have any experience with either of these guards? They look to be almost identical with a couple tiny differences. I currently have the A* moabs and they are great but mine are getting old and would like to try something new. Thanks!
  • 06-16-2014
    I just learned of iXS last night as I searched for soft knee guards. I hope someone has some experience to comment on.
  • 06-22-2014
    I went ahead and purchased the Leatt EXTs from Jenson. I thought the MOABs were pretty awesome but wished they had some inner knee padding as I hit my knee on the top tube of my bike occasionally. The Leatts are in my opinion better than the MOABs. They are super comfortable and I never noticed I was wearing leg armor. They are bent at the knees but don't seem to protrude as much as the Moabs did, and flow better while walking. The Velcro is where I was impressed with these. They used a plasticy type material for the rough part and it was pretty smooth against the skin. They get warm when standing around but that is to be expected. They are $10 cheaper than the iXS Cleavers but look very identical aside from a couple small details.
    I did crash in them knee down in a rock garden and didn't feel a thing. I think the 3DF padding inside is great.
  • 06-23-2014
    I've got the hard shell leatts (dual axis) and they're pretty awesome. I guess they're designed for MX, but they work great with MTB.

    I use them with my flats only though as they are bigger than my POC knee-only's.