Lake Shoes any good?-
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    Lake Shoes any good?

    I've seen these pop up on chainlove quite often for around $25 a pair, and noticed nobody is buying them. How are the grip on these things, are they comparable at all to 5.10s? I'm taling about the non spd flats btw.

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    no idea personally. but from what i see it is promising.
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    These are on chainlove right now $26, claim to have sticky rubber soles. They don't have my size or I'd get a pair, anyone else wanna take the plunge and report back?

    Lake Signature II Bike Shoe - Men's:

    Ritchey Schley is a legend in the mountain bike world. The Lake Signature II is his shoe, designed specifically to stick on flat pedals and endure the abuse of Whistler’s downhill and freeride trails. Wrap-around sticky-rubber soles grip well even when your foot isn’t centered on the spindle, and nylon bumpers at the toe and heel keep premature wear from slowing down your season. Standard lacing lets you cinch down tight, and doesn’t look super-bikey at the bar later on.
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    I have a pair of the Signatures you speak of. They are plenty grippy with my Wah Wah's. They have some sort of gel inserts in the heel which actually have made a difference when bailing and coming down hard on the feet whilst dirt jumping; no more heel bruising.

    The good: grippy and protecty

    On the other hand, they are bargain priced and Lake has discontinued them for a reason. After a few sessions dirt jumping and just 3 days at Mammoth and 2 at Northstar, the shoe body is coming apart a bit from the sole. Not like the sole is going to fall off or anything, but shouldnt be happening to a shoe only a few weeks old. Nothing some shoe goo won't fix though.

    Also, not sure what they mean by sticky rubber soles. There is nothing sticky about the rubber itself, though the tread pattern makes the shoe 'stick' to the pedal.

    Shoe is plenty good for $25. sh*t, I bought mine for around 35. Alright then.

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