Lake Shoes?

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  • 07-09-2006
    Lake Shoes?
    I'm looking for new shoes, and want something that you can walk in, but not too flexy. They will be used on clipless pedals. I'm thinking something a little more on the rugged side, weight is not a big issue. I found these Lake shoes:

    Some features I like:
    - laces, no velcro
    - not flashy
    - vibram sole ---> good for walking, too
    - top neoprene wrap to keep the rocks and dirt out. I always have a pile of dirt and pebbles in my current shoes :mad:
    - ankle protection. Skinned ankle bones suck! As soon as you skin 'em you bump them against everything, causing no end to the pain, and then it takes forever to heal. :cryin:

    If anyone has any other suggestions, or can advise me on how Lake shoes fit, I'd appreciate it. I can't find these locally, and don't want to get the sizing wrong.

  • 07-10-2006
    I have a pair of Lakes w/ the Vibram sole, not the ones you're looking at though. Can't think of the model but my main beef is that the stitching isn't done very well. I have already blown out a couple seams in two seasons of decent abuse. Other than that they're fine, I do like the Vibram sole.
  • 07-10-2006
    i've got a pair of mx-165 lakes that i love. very comfy to pedal and hike a bike in. the only downside is that they are pretty warm, compared to my specialized shoes. i tend to only wear them on rides when it's a bit chillier, or ones where i know i'll do some hoofing it.

    the vibram sole rocks; wish i could get some on the bottoms of my other bike shoes!
  • 07-10-2006
    I have the Lake mx-100 any way lowcut with vibram sole.

    I commute and ride a;most every day. They are one year old.

    To clean I hose off the mud, brush up the leather, and air dry.

    Only wear is at the heel.

    Great Shoes

    I will be looking at the higher cut shoes next time.
  • 07-10-2006
    No one else has issues with the seams?